Yukan Volk

Yukan 3

Alpha male of Majestés
Date of Birth
April 5th, 2010
Date of Death
Cause of Death
Natalia and Viktor
Nikholai, Nina, Anya
Amour, Roi, Dmitry, Vladik
Known For
Second litter of the Volk pack.
Moon Character played by Yukan

Appearance Edit

Yukan is a medium sized eurasian wolf. His fur color is dark grey asides his muzzle, legs, and a light hue on his belly, which are brown. During the winter, his winter coat that he grows in is much darker. As summer comes closer, his summer coat is bleached to a lighter grey by the suns rays. His medium sized body allows him to be able to manevour around odd obstacles easily, thus making him a good hunter for small prey.

Volk PackEdit

Yukan was born into the Volk by the two alphas, Natalia, the alpha female, and Victor, the alpha male. The pack was fairly small and recently new. The pack only had ten members after Yukan and his litter-mates were born. The pack itself didn't get off to a good start; having lost their first litter and Natalia's younger sister, Kristina, to a rival pack raid. The second year of the pack, the alpha female gave birth to their second and last litter which consisted of: Yukan, Nikholai, Anya and Nina. All four of the pups managed to survive through their first six months of their lives. Yukan was a curious and ambitious pup; always wandering off on his own to explore the land around him. Because of his curiousity as a young pup, Yukan grew to be a very cunning and clever wolf. 

On the eighth month of Yukans life, a group of hunters on horseback came into the small valley the pack lived in. There was farmland nearby and another pack had been taking their goats. The hunters managed to kill off most of the pack. Yukan, Nina and an old adult from the pack, Yekaterina, had dodged the bullets. Yukan and Nina had escaped together. They traveled together aimlessly for a week before finding Yekaterina. Together, the three wolves wandered away from their old territory. 

The trio managed to stay together for about two months before they accidently strayed into an area that was marked as "Research". The researchers, who happened to be American, took the oppurtunity of the wolves and tranquilized them by air. The Russian government allowed the researchers to fly them back to Alaska for further research. Yekaterina had died during the flight due to a large amount of stress. Both Yukan and Nina were put into a large outdoor cage. It was soon decided that the two wolves would be transported to an animal conservative facility in Montana.  Once at the facility, they were put into a large outdoor cage where they were meant to spend the rest of their lives. Both wolves at this stage were one year and three months old. They lived in this facility for only two weeks before a storm blew down a tree which broke some of the metal fencing that was keeping the wolves in. 

Yukan and Nina both took this chance and escaped. During their escape, Nina had cut her leg on the wiring. After about another three months of travel, they managed to find themselves in Yellowstone Park and found their way into Slough Creek. A few days after they had entered into Slough Creek, Nina had perished from an infection that the cut caused. This left Yukan a loner and the sole survivor of the Volk pack. 


Yukan and Nina

Yukan (right) and Nina (left)

Yukan decides to stay in Slough Creek because of the abudance of small food and the river that passes through it. He found himself roaming around the area, slowly learning of the packs that live in the area. The first wolves Yukan had met as a loner was a trio patrol from the Serenade pack . Having no experience with any strangers, Yukan decided to leave silently before the patrol confronted him. From the advantage point of the cliffs, Yukan spotted the large southern forest within the valley. He immediatly began to travel towards it, knowing he'll have a better chance hiding in the shadows as a loner than wandering around in the open.

He quickly travelled to the southern forest of Slough Creek. Yukan soon learned the layout of the forest and also of the two packs territories that run through it. He discovered that neither of the packs travelled much through the forest and thus, decided to stay at the borders of both packs. The Serenade  and the Shamans pack  often had patrols coming near the forest, but almost always, they turned away and headed back to the center of their territory. Yukan watched both packs closely; watching the pack hunt, play and in general live. Yukan quickly learned that the Shamans pack  was generally more successful in hunts and also often left the carcasses unguarded because of this high success. Because of this, Yukan often stayed close to the Shamans territory, scavenging most of his food from their kills. Yukan is also skilled in hunting small animals. Another skill he learned was how to fish.

Yukan had been trailing the Shamans pack . His first run in was with Caution, the alpha female. Caution charged at Yukan, not wanting to let him get any closer to the other females. Yukan ran away and continued his search for food. The next day, he was making his way through the heart of the Shamans  territory. He noticed a couple of wolves out in the distance and attempted to get into the pack by showing complete submission to the alpha male, Ash. Ash didn't accept this which forced Yukan to run away. Shortly after, Yukan noticed a couple of rover males, Prince and his brother. Yukan avoided the couple and headed back to the southern forest for safety.The next following weeks, Yukan had been staying near the Serneade pack..

Vixen Yukan

Vixen & Yukan playing.

Yukan had run into a lone female named Vixen. The female showed interest in Yukan and soon after, they both mated. They parted from each other for unknown reasons. A few days later, Yukan again found Vixen and began to travel with her again, this time not letting her out of sight. As they were greeting each other at a carcass, another lone male wolf, Holard , passed by. Wanting to protect Vixenfro m the wolf, Yukan became aggressive and was prepared to fight off the roving male. Holard saw this aggression and kept on running by. Vixen and Yukan both disappeared into the forest soon after. After a month, Yukan and Vixen wandered around in search for a territory. They eventually found unclaimed territory that was fairly far off from any of the other packs territories. They claimed it as their own silently and Vixen found a den in the heart of it.

Majestés PackEdit

Vixen had found a den in the heart of their new territory. Yukan and Vixen continued to bond closer together. Both were excited for the new pups to be borm, for it would expand the new pack. In late March of 2014, their first litter was born which consisted of: Amour, Roi, Vladik, and Dmitry. Two of the pups were born dead. During the birthing and denning weeks, Yukan continues to patrol the territory, re-marking and making sure no enemy has passed through the borders. In late April, a lone wolf happened to pass by the territory. Yukan responded with aggression, yet wariness as he wasn't sure whether the wolf was alone. The intruder ran off without a fight, but continued to show its presence. After a few days, the wolf disappeared north.

As Yukan continue to patro, he heard the echos of barking in the distance. He rushed over to where the noise was to see that Vixen was fighting off an angered mother elk who was protecting its offspring. Yukan rushed over and helped Vixen chase out the elk. They both ended up catching the fawn and killing it. A few weeks after, a lone wolf named Geo trespassed into the territory and came close to the den. Yukan trailed the stranger with Star and spotted the male wolf. Vixen too came back in time. The wolf saw he was outnumbered and ran off with Yukan on his heels, making sure he left.

While on patrol, Yukan and Star had picked up the scent of a trespasser. Alerted and ready to fight, they followed the scent, quickly spotting the trespasser running towards them. The lone wolf turned tail and ran, but soon slowed down and stopped, quickly getting into a submissive position. Yukan quickly turned from aggressive to curious as he investigated the stranger, finding out that the new wolf, Norabi, was acting submissive in attempts to gain access into the pack. With a few tense moments, Yukan asserted his position to the new wolf, deciding to allow the female to stay to gain more power for hunting. Star also made an attempt to assert her dominance, but was cut short as Yukan made sure to keep Star from acting too dominantly. Allowing the new wolf to stay, he headed back towards the center of the packs territory towards where the pups were moved.

Yukan pup

Yukan as a pup.


Yukan grooming Amour.

Yukan 2