Veneca Ashes


Ashes Pack, Shamans Pack
Date of Birth
April 15th, 1998
Date of Death
November 15th, 2006
Cause of Death
Old age
Teller and Rosie
Gore, Horris, Relay, Rose, Valerie, Pete, Anabelle
Known For
Being very playful

Ashes PackEdit

Veneca was born into the Ashes pack in 1998 by the alpha female and male at the time. As a pup, she was fairly shy and tended to stay near the adults. She had no litter mates to play with so she used the omega of the pack as her chew toy. Her learning process was fairly slow but once she hit the one year of age, she quickly learned how to hunt and became one of the faster wolves of the pack. While Veneca wasn't the omega, she frequently watched over her younger siblings and played with them. 

In early 2003, members of the Ashes pack started to get infected with mange. Veneca and a few others luckily avoided it. The left over pack members who were still alive eventually split up in different directions. Veneca, along with her younger sibling, Opal, left and headed off towards Slough Creek. 


Veneca, along with her younger sister, travelled into the Slough Creek area. They avoided the other nearby packs as it was pupping season and they would most likely not be allowed to join. Eventually, they ran into a dispersed male named Waldo. Veneca immediately bonded with Waldo and together they searched for unclaimed territory. They eventually found it, thus founding the Shamans pack.

Shamans PackEdit

Veneca automatically became the leader of the new pack, having had no challenge from her younger sister. In her first year, she couldn't produce a litter. After that year, she managed to produce a litter each year. Her aggression grew as she stood along side of Waldo as the alpha female. Wolves continued to join their pack as she continued to put them in their place. In November of 2006, Veneca wandered off without a sound. She died shortly after from her old age.

Veneca 2

Veneca showing dominance to another.