Serenade Pack

Serenade Wolf Pack

Date of Forming
December 29th, 1999
Rover, Julias
Alpha Male(s)
Alpha Female(s)
Julias, Sapphire, Torte
Current Alpha Male
Current Alpha Female
Number of Members
Pregnant Female(s)
Evicted Wolves
Dispersal Wolves
Naomi, Aero, Holard, Pharoh, Ben, Cage, Apple, Jaws, Farley, Fennis
Absent Wolves
Naomi, Aero, Zulio
Vex, Vince, Seaweed, Sushi


The Serenade packed was founded on December 29th, 1999 after a lone male and female: Rover and Julias, came together and mated. Rover had come from a small pack outside of Slough Creek while Julias had left her own small family in search for a mate. 

Pack LifeEdit

Shortly after establishing their bond, Rover and Julias came across a lone female named Tolly. She too was pregnant from a roving male, but they allowed her in as they wanted more members. On April 16th, Julias had given birth to three pups: Billy, Bob and Shadow. Shadow was the only survivor as the others were born dead. Two days later, Tolly gave birth to two females: Lily and Sapphire. Their pack had become a little bigger with their new pups. In 2001, Julias gave birth to another four pups. Tolly had become the omega at this point after Shadow took his position in the beta position, even though he was only one year old. In 2002, Julias gave birth to another litter of pups. In 2003, Sapphire had taken up the beta female position, always keeping the younger wolves in line. There was no litter this year due to a high amount of stress. The elk had moved away, leaving the pack desperate and killing off some of the younger ones. In winter of 2003, both Julias and Rover were not interested in mating, which was an odd occurance. Instead, the two betas, Sapphire and Shadow mated. In 2004, Sapphire had given birth to another two pups: Ben and Cage. 

In June of 2004, Shadow became extremley aggressive and challenged Rover, winning shortly after. Rover was run out of the pack. In the winter of 2004, Shadow could obviously not mate with his own mother so he chose the beta female: Sapphire. This further encouraged Sapphire to fight for the alpha position and soon after, she challenged Julias who stepped down and soon left the pack after. In 2005, Sapphire had given birth to four pups. The year following after that, Sapphire and Shadow again produced another litter. However, the month she gave birth was a very rainy season. An unusual amount of rain continued for a week straight. The water poured into the den, destroying the den and drowning the pups. In the next year, Sapphire had another litter. Shortly after in April, a wolf who managed to join a few years prior, stepped up and challenged Shadow. Zulio fought back in a battle between the meal they were eating at. Zulio's large size and Shadows old age determined who was going to win. Zulio ran off Shadow, however he inflicted a fatal wound before Shadow left the territory. Shadow died shortly after.

The following winter, Zulio and Sapphire mated, thus producing a litter of three the following spring. Zulio was a fair leader, and his playful nature kept the pack happy. He even allowed a wandering male named Gatsby into the pack as they were running out of suitable males. In December, Sapphire refused to mate with Zulio. He instead mated with Torte, Sapphires younger daughter who happened to be the beta. Torte produced a litter. The follow December, Sapphire died of old age, and Torte took over as the alpha female. They had another litter in March of 2010. In summer of 2010, Holard left the pack to rove. A few months after, in September, the pack was on a hunt. Zulio was hit by an elk, and killed instantly. Gatsby took over alpha position. In November, a couple of young wolves of about nine months old had walked into their territory. Torte being a mother herself, as well as the other adults, were happy to see the two young woles and allowed them to stay. 

In 2011, Torte had given birth to two pups named Aero and Naomi. Naomi was fairly weak and the mother didn't think she would live. Gatsby and Torte together led the pack well. In 2011, Torte gave birth to another litter which considered of: Kasper, Fabio, and Fakhir. The pack continued to live without much worrying. 2013, another litter was produced. A small group of three wolves wandered into the territory. They were extremley submissive and wanted to get into the pack. Despite them being all female, they were allowed in by Gatsby. In September, Aero and Naomi left together without the pack knowing. The follow year, Torte produced another litter. Torte has started to slow due to her very old age. 

In early May, Lucia, a wolf that had joined at a young age was attacked during a feeding by Rail, the beta female. Lucia was attempting to eat before her turn. However, this time, Lucia faught back and maanged to force Rail into submission. Lucia became the new beta female. 

Dominant PairEdit

The first alpha male and female was Rover and Julias who founded the pack. In 2004, Shadow had become old and big enough to finally challenge his father and won. Shadow chased his father out of the pack and assumed alpha male along with his mother. When Shadow mated with the beta female and she produced pups the following spring, she became more aggressive and finally attempted to take Julias position. Julias stepped down due to her age. Mid 2007, Zulio, a wolf who had been in the pack for a couple of years, challenged Shadow. Zulio's large size gave him the advantage and he caused fatal injuries to Shadow who ran off and died. Zulio became the new alpha male. In late 2009, Sapphire left the pack and died of old age. The beta female, Torte, took alpha female. In 2010, Zulio took a blow to the head from an elk which left him dead. Gatsby, a wolf from Shamans who recently joined, fought for the new alpha position and won. Gatsby and Torte are the current alpha male and female. 

Rival PacksEdit

To the east of the Serenade territory lies the land of the Shamans Pack. They cause a small issue as they are close by.

Current MembersEdit

Gatsby Alpha Male

Torte Alpha Female

Kasper Beta Male

Lucia Beta Female




Fakhir King








Vex [Pup]

Vince [Pup]

Seaweed [Pup]

Sushi [Pup]

Quin Omega