Skimo Pack
Within the Majestés Pack
Date of Birth
April 9th, 2010
Date of Death
Cause of Death
Talia and Erodon
Fabi, Akai and Lakota
N/A, looking
Known For
Being a fast learner and being extremely hyper and playful
Moon Character played by Beware


Norabi is extremely hyper and playful. She is a fast learner and knows when she has to be submissive or agressive. She hae always tried to be dominant towards other wolves.

But the sweetest side of her is that she loves pups and wouldn't let other wolves get near any pup she finds, She acts more like a mother than a caretaker.

Skimo PackEdit

Norabi was born in the Skimo pack. That pack territory was out of the Yellowstone park but still in Wyoming. Norabi was the daughter of the alpha pair. Talia, the alpha female, and Erodon, the alpha male. The Skimo pack was large and well known by the people in Wyoming for hunting their cows, and other farm animals. The pack had 18 members after Norabi and her litter-mates, Fabi, Akai, and Lakota were born. But the pack was going to have a sad ending, as the pack was located out of the Yellowstone national park. The farmers had permission to hunt the wolves who killed their animals. And that's what happened. Erodon was killed and little by little, all 14 members of the pack were dead. Luckily, Talia's sister had survived and took her sister's pups as her own which gave Norabi and her litter-mates a chance of survival.

When Norabi turned three years old, she was ready to mate, and in that winter a lone male wolf known as Kawadi came into the Skimo pack territory looking for a mate. Norabi was attracted by the male and left her pack to go with him.


Norabi and Kawadi travelled down to Yellowstone National Park looking for a territory for themselves. When they came into Slough Creek, unfortunately Norabi and Kawadi trespassed into another pack's territory, where they killed Kawadi.

Norabi ran away from the wolves and began to travel alone around the no man's land of Slough Creek. After a few months of eating only rats, fish and other small animals, she was starving and looking for a mate and a pack to join. 

In search for a pack Norabi, came into the territory of the Majestés pack, she was found by Yukan and Star and quickly got in a submissive position trying to be accepted into the pack. Yukan allowed her to stay and headed back to the denter of the pack's territory and Norabi followed him.



Majestés PackEdit

Coming in the future. :]


Norabi is a very stunning beautiful she-wolf. As Norabi is a pure timber wolf, the biggest species of wolf, she has a muscular, agile body structure. Norabi's form is slender and she is quite taller than most females. Her strong muscles are hidden by a gray coat, with hints of black and brown along her back, her belly adopts a off-white coloration.


Norabi is a re

Norabi being agressive and dominant

ally hyper and playful wolf, always looking for a play-mate. Norabi is also really dominant, she will always end a playday with a dominant posture and growls, just to show others that she is boss. Norabi is really intelligent and learns fast, she knows how to make her way to a high position in a hierarchy. She may always seem submissive but that's just how she makes things happen, before she turns into a agressive beast and challenge other wolves for higher ranks.

Norabi enjoying the company of pups

Norabi is really protective, and when it's about food she will not allow other wolves to get their mouths near her piece of meat. She dosen't let other wolves go too near the things she claim as her's.

Other than that dominant and protective side of her, Norabi is really lovingly, and she has a special connection with wolf pups, even if they are not her own, she will always teach and look after them.