Jojo Ridges


Ridges Pack, Espionage Pack
Beta male of Espionage
Date of Birth
March 29th, 2009
Date of Death
Cause of Death
Oval and unknown roving male
Amber, Violo
Known For
Learns things quickly

Ridges PackEdit

Jojo was born into the Ridges pack by his subordinate mother, and a roving male on March 29th, 2009. The alpha female of the pack only allowed Jojo to live. She killed off his two litter-mates shortly after they were born. Jojo was treated poorly due to him being of a submordinate female. However, once he grew old enough to hunt, he showed his potential and started to get high up in the ranks. He was not strong enough to get into the beta position. In early September of 2013, Jojo decided to join a band of younger brothers in the hunt for a new mate. 


Jojo, along with a group of three brothers, travelled along the Slough Creek border for a few weeks. Due to his age and experience, he quickly took leadership of the small group, always keeping everyone in line, especially Zio. He led the group down into the valley after they spotted two roming females. However, once they grouped up, Jojo faught with Zio to gain leadership of their newly formed pack. Jojo had lost and backed down after he was bitten at the back of the ear. 

Espionage PackEdit

In the beginning, despite Jojo's loss for alpha, he still showed dominance over everyone else. His new beta role satisfied him enough. He attempted to fight for alpha in early winter just before mating season and lost again. His strength helps the pack hunt, so Zio continues to keep him in the pack. However, Zio bites at his muzzle every chance he gets to make sure that Jojo stays in his place. 

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