Holard Serenade


Date of Birth
April 1st, 2009
Date of Death
Cause of Death
Zulio blah and something blah
Oddvar, Eerie
Known For
Wandering around

Serenade PackEdit

This pure black wolf was born into the Sereande pack with his other two litter mates: Oddvar and Eerie. He was in the first litter from Torte. His father was Zulio. As a pup, Holard stayed near the den while his siblings played outside, almost always getting their mother concerned. He too played with his siblings and was more of the middle pup, as he always submitted to his more dominant brother, Eerie.

Holard in his teenage years was fairly submissive to the rest of his older pack mates, and would often be scapegoated despite his mid-rank. As his two year mark hit, he was fully grown and finally was able to dominantly fight back for his position during meals. He proved to be a helpful hunter and would follow generally right behind the two alphas during the hunt. In 2011, mid summer, Holard left the pack in search for a mate and the hopes of starting a new family.


Having left the safety of his pack, Holard traveled along the river, constantly howling in search of a mate. His calls were never returned, but he continued to stay on his own throughout the years of 2011, and 2012. In winter of 2012, he managed to walk into the Shamans pack territory. As most of the females of the pack were in heat, he trailed far behind in hopes of mating with one. As the pack hunted, Fennie, a mid ranked wolf at the time, sneaked out and bounded over to Holard. Holard with his tail wagging high played with the female before she accepted him. He mated with her successfully and made a hasty retreat.

The rest of the winter, he continued to stay around the territory, always scavenging off the packs kills hours after they had left. In March of 2013, Fennie gave birth to her pups secretly but abandoned them as she didn't have the means of taking care of them. Holard continued to stay around the Shamans pack until mid-summer of 2013, and finally left in hopes of finding another mate.

Come winter, Holard was having a difficult time keeping himself alive. The elk were scarce that year but he managed to survive by risking his life; stealing other packs kills after they have left. He attempted to swoon some females from the Oblivion pack, but failed as the alpha kept chasing him away.