Alpha male of Serenade
Date of Birth
April 16th, 2008
Date of Death
Cause of Death
Jubjub, Benjo, Kazoo, and Lin
Naomi, Aero, Kasper, Fabio, Fakhir, Zevi, Abagail, Don, Jeromia, Vex, Vince, Seaweed, Sushi
Known For
Being fairly calm

Shamans PackEdit

Gatsby was born into the Shamans pack on April 16th, 2008 by the two then alphas at the time. He had several other siblings which he played with constantly. He had a very calm disposition as a pup and it continued through his early adult life. He learned to hunt with his brothers and sisters and soon became able to coordinate his movements with the others of the pack during hunts. He was slow but his strength was his harsh powerful bites. His place in the pack was in the middle. The beta and alpha didn't allow him to gain any ranking so in late 2009, he left his pack in hopes of finding a meat.


Gatsby travelled near the river and managed to survive through scavenging dead fish and kills that other animals had made. He howled several times in hopes of attracting a meat, but there were no avaliable lone females who responded. Eventually, he ran into the Serenade pack where the alpha was not happy to see him. He was chased off a couple times, but Gatsby kept coming back. At this point, Gatsby was attempting to persuade the pack to let him join. His presence there was annoying but eventually Zulio, the alpha male at the time allowed him in when he finally caught up to Gatsby. This was a rare occurance but Gatsby played it smoothly.

Serenade PackEdit

Gatsby laid low within the pack, always submitting to even the omega of the pack in hopes of gaining their trust. His size was obviously a threat to the alpha, but Zulio wasn't that much smaller than Gatsby. He acted aggresively and made sure to punish Gatsb for every little mistake he made. In a couple months Gatsby began to make his way up in the ranks, acting extremley dominant to all wolves but the alpha's. He eventually forced the previous beta into submission and became the new beta of the pack.

Gatsby was still fairly young and was no match for Zulio who had more experience. However, in September of 2010, Zulio was killed during a hunting incident. The pack was in choas for a few days before Gatsby asserted himself as the new alpha, releasing harsh punishment to those who went against his orders.  That following winter, he mated with the alpha female, Torte and she produced his first litter the following year. Gatsby at this point was proving to be a fairly good leader; his calm deminer made the other pack members more calm. He allowed a couple of younger wolves into the pack late 2010, as they appeared to be very submissive.

With the succession of the 2012, 2013 and the recent 2014 litter, Gatsby had become a good and fair alpha like Zulio. He continues to act dominant over his pack mates, making sure his rank was known.There have been some recent squarral with Kasper, one of Gatsby's sons who inherited his large size. It is unknown of whether Gatsby might become too old to defend himself against his son in the future.

05-05-gray wolf 2

Gatsby in his younger years.