Deceive Durata

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Durata Pack
Date of Birth
March 27 2010
Date of Death
Cause of Death
Serena Durata and Cruise Hail
Known For
Not being spotted.
Moon Character played by Dansuer

Durata PackEdit

The pack Deceive was born into was made up of only family except for the first pair, consisting of 6 members including his half older siblings fathered by Dozer, the alpha male of the pack. The first pair had passed, so Serena his mother and Dozer were the two alphas of the pack. This guy is the oddball of the pack, for his mother was an alpha, not for dominance but for being oldest to watch over the rest, her pups at the time with only one female pup. Aiko to take over but too young at the time. This led to Aiko becoming alpha female, for dominance as soon as she saw oppurtunity to overpower her mother at barely 2 years old. Serena was now down to omega and winter came along with the two females heat season, leading Serena to wander too far from the pack. Not being the leading female anymore, and Cruiser a rover who had traveled onto the territory because of the two females scent encountered Serena, came on friendly towards her. She then continued to be woed by the older male, they mated and Serena returned to her pack. Cruiser started to follow but made his way through the territory unnoticed instead. Serena was put aside by the pack for they scented the other male on her. Through the time that followed after that the pack was aggressive towards her, but she was hesitant to leave and stayed as the omega until she gave birth to Deceive. As soon as she gave birth the pack out of nature were very interested
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Quietly observing.

in the new pup Deceive, and Serena instead of showing aggression until Deceive was a bit older, allowed them to see him and interact with him on the fourth day. They quickly got attatched to the pup and Serena was put aside once again by the pack. When Deceive was finally 10 weeks old, Aiko would be fully aggressive towards Serena and would not allow her to get near the pup. Since Aiko had no litter she looked at the pup as her own, and eventually the rest of the pack showed dominance over Serena, and she finally dispersed from the pack leaving the pup with them.

Deceive Growing UpEdit

After having been raised by his half siblings, Aiko as a mother, Lucero and Obsess his half brothers behaved as parents and teachers as he grew up. Taught the young pup discipline and pack order as time passed. Deceive was always quiet, hardly barked and didnt play much as a pup. It was only when he was about 7 months old he began to play and wander, only to be found in unexpected places. Sometimes small animal dens
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Deceive as a pup

or under exposed tree roots. Dozer, who maintained order of the adults, began to treat the young pup as one of them. Making the young pup learn quicker and what to expect if a certain behavior was acted upon. At first the young Deceive accepted his spot as omega, being the youngest and obeying to the displays of dominance. But at 9 months the yo
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A few months old.

Grown so fast by wincey-d5nf2z5


ung Deceive was bossed around by Dozer so much along with Obsess who no longer saw him as a pup, but was getting stronger by taking the beatings. Time passed and the young wolf learned how to avoid the beatings, either stayed away while the pack ate but helped when they hunted or had to run off intruders. The young wolf grew fast and showed he was no longer an omega by defending his pack and finally even showed dominance towards his half brothers. But the alpha, Dover put him in his place once again, and the young wolf remained as a subordinate once in a while fighting back for dominance but being put down each time. After finally being put in his place, everything seemed to calm down. Or so it seemed for some time until another pack came along searching for new territory. Deceive along with his half siblings and the alpha male all put up a fight for their territory but were easily outnumbered and all badly injured. Deceive and Obsess were the two that weren't so bad compared to the rest and fighting would breakout between the two often. But Dozer would be the one to calm them down even with his injuries, Deceive slowly began to drift away little by little as the pack began to be more united as they wandered about for new territory. once the wolf was 2 the Durata were still wandering about and the only female and alpha didn't recover completely they covered ground slowly. During this time Deceive and his brother Obsess were the strongest and would lead hunts Dozer only kept his rank by behaving like an alpha. This helped the two males get stronger and gain more experience hunting in smaller numbers. Deceive little by little would set himself aside from the pack wouldn't socialize with them, and would instead keep himself warm by digging into the snow protecting him from the harsh winds. As time went by and he turned 2 and a half the pack was not the same anymore and he left as he still had the urge to explore and see where curiosity and intelligence led him.

A Year in SolitudeEdit

After the 2.5 year old Deceive left his family who he had only interractions with his entire life, except for strangers they showed no mercy and aggression towards. Was now out alone in the dead forest, roaming about and having learned along with his brother to hunt even the smallest and hardest, birds then squirrels. He survived by continueously searching for food as soon as maybe a day passed. This kept him always full, and his health, speed, endurance, as well as his stalking all improved. The adult kept learning and his curiousity kept growing as time went by and he encountered new things, even how to steal food from a group of coyotes. In some cases he was the scavenger, or "theif" that would steal their small catch for his own benifit. As more of this went on, Deceive had almost no interaction directly with other animals. He went on in silence, hearing perfectly fine, the familiar and now distant howls of perhaps family. But he would remain in silence and go on with searching for a new place to rest or a body of water. There was a case where he encountered Dozer the old alpha from the Durata pack, the two saw each other, and Dozer was no longer aggressive and dominant, but instead tried to avoid Deceive. For he had gotten a healthier and more muscular look than the last time they were together as a pack, with little food, and almost about to starve. Deceive hadn't interacted with any other animal for months already and simply stood frozen observing Dozer who didn't attempt to go near Deceive, for he appeared to be defensive of something in the eyes of Dozer. Dozer simply retreated from the direction he came from with his tail significantly low, which was soon followed after a series of howls. Leading Deceive to travel further away into the unknown right to Slough Creek where he soon discovered there was plenty of life around. He quickly found where the boundaries of the nearest packs were, covering plenty of ground sly as a fox as they say, and as quiet as a mouse. Not once being noticed and knew the territory from the Southwest of Douglass Fir Slopes to the Canyon Cliffs recognizing both Serenade & Oblivion territory borders. Deceive spent so much time in silence just listening to the nearby packs howls that he would go so close to them to observe them out of curiosity. Here it was a bit more difficult to stay hidden by the bigger number of wolves, but he knew the trails to head up or down the Canyon Cliffs as he pleased, again increasing his strength and endurance. As well as his ability to stay hidden from the wolves. The young adult was now 3 and a couple
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Deceive broke the silence.

of months old, and he had become an expert in remaining secluded. But then came the night it was a silent night and distant but very mournful howls were heard. It took Deceive a while before recognizing the tone of the howls and familiar with them, and the silent wolf finally let it be heard he was around. By joining the distant howls in a mournful yet poweful tone to his song. The packs around finally interrupted by a set of howls that seemed to get closer and Deceive again vanished somewhere around the territory he had inhabited throughout the year.