Caution Graves

Caution 1

Graves and Shamans Pack
Alpha Female of Shamans
Date of Birth
April 17, 2011
Date of Death
N/A Still Alive
Cause of Death
N/A Still Alive
Nicolette, Reth
Masquerade, Exordium
Caelum, Talos, Adrian, Marrok, and Vilkas
Known For
Not tolerating non-sense
Moon Character played by Authority

This lovely girl was born on April 17, 2011 in the Graves pack. Caution, the young female, driven here into Yellowstone by the strength of her own desires and hidden motives. She was originally was from small pack whose territory remained on the very outskirts of the mountains, far from the beautiful valley of Sough Creek. She grew up with the constant trials and hardships of the wolf's life outside of the Valley in a pack containing her mother, father, and two siblings. Often times, she was required take care of herself, for her parents needed to work together to find food for their three pups; As they began to actually grow into teenagers, Caution and her sister became the ones who always caused the trouble, from startling a local herd of caribou into a stampede or wandering far from the pack territory for a few days at a time. This eventually led to her removal from the her parent's pack, as one day, it went too far and her brother, Exordium, was killed in the adventure. This scarred poor Caution and her love for excitement was diminished. Masquerade didn't join in the flight of Caution as she was chased off the pack lands, instead a few months later she left to follow in Caution's footsteps.


Young Caution

Young Caution

Caution Pup

Young Caution

At the start of a new year, at the current age of one and a few halves, Caution wandered far and wide. She didn't really know what she was searching for, but a inside a constant force kept her paws moving.  She continued onward, never relaxing enough to catch a breather or to find another pack. The girl was wary, of nearly everything that had a heartbeat. Soon, after a few weeks her overall health began to diminish, the bones of the rib cage were clearly visible and her features thin and angular. She traveled alone, until happening upon a small patrol led by Ben Serenade. The first encounter wasn't hostile nor friendly, instead she was treated with disinterest. So, weak Caution, being under extreme pressure of her hunger, decided to make a break into the land of Shamans Pack, as the patrol became bored and left her. Driving towards a scent, she soon realized that her nose led her directly to Animal and Amber.  Discovering the trap she put herself in, she submitted to the patrol. Ben Serenade then allowed her to come into the pack, giving her the pack scent. Thus ending the life of a loner for Caution. Even though she enjoyed it for what it was, being a loner wasn't very exciting for Caution, as there wasn't anyone to attach with and feel connections.


During the first few months after Caution's entry into the Shamans, Anabelle was the current dominant female alongside Ben. However, that soon changed, as Ash Nimbus, a male who had been
Caution 4
with the pack for a while, took over the role of alpha, as unfortunately, Ben passed away. While the Shamans were still getting used to the update of sovereignty, Caution challenged Anabelle. Who willingly stepped down. Being a merciful creature, Caution permitted the former alpha to remain with the pack. Sometime later Caution went into heat and began to wander further and further from the pack's ground. However, Ash caught on and followed her. After a few moments of wrestling, the pair mated and was able to tie. They have had other periods of mating as well. The following spring, Caution is now expecting her first litter.  She gave birth to five lovely male pups, referred to as, Talos, Caelum, Vilkas, Adrian, and Marrok.  Unfortunately, Caelum, Vilkas, and Marrok were stillborn, while Talos and Adrian were both extremely weak.  Later in the night they too, passed on.

Caution 3

Caution 7

Caution as the alpha female

Caution and Ash

Caution and Ash

Caution 6

Caution and Ash after hunting