Amour Majestés


Subordinate of Majestés
Date of Birth
March 28, 2014
Date of Death
Cause of Death
Known For
Moon Character played by Name Here

Early Life in the MajestésEdit

Amour was born into the Majestés pack March 28, 2014. Her three surviving siblings are named Dmitry, Vladik, and Roi. Amour always watches out for her surviving brothers, but her adventurous and curious natures leads her to stray away from the others. Sometimes endangering not only herself, but her brothers as well. Amour's curious nature lead her to venture off from the safety of her mothers watch while she was preoccupied with Vladik, Dmitry, and Roi. Little did she know that she would come across an elk fawn, tucked away in the grass, trying to stay hidden from predators. Everything is completely new to Amour's sense and she had no idea what to do when encountering the fawn, so she did what all wolf pups did best and tried to hoax in the fawn to play, but they were two creatures from different worlds and play was just not happening. Eventually, her brothers caught wind of this and one by one came to the area in which Amour was in. Immediately, Amour greeted them and tried to get them to join in the fun. Their playful yips and growls were eventually heard by the mother of the fawn and rushed in defending her fawn. Never being in a situation like this before Amour growled at the elk with her little pup figure, trying to act dominant over the elk, but the elks bucking and kicking sent the pup fleeing in the other direction and she clashed into her brothers, who in return let out whimpers alerting their mother from afar. Her mother defended them relentlessly, but so did the mother Elk with her calf. Amour and her brothers made a wise decision, heading into the safety of the den while Vixen tried to fend off the elk, but the hoofed animal was not threatened be a single wolf and continued to defend her calf. Vixen tried with all her might to fight off the elk, but was no match for it on her own. Luckily Yukan heard her attempting to fend the mother elk off and they both sent her on the run and killed the calf. Amour hid in the den with her brothers during this encounter, but she still had not learned her lesson. 


Curiosity always seemed to get the best of the small pup and one day she left the safety of the den while her mother left to find food for herself. Noticing her brother, Dmitry following her, she decided to assert her self with a playful dominance display. She somehow managed to win, sending her brother fleeing to the trees. Little did they know that a stranger, known as Geo, intruded their parents territory, watching the pups every move. Amour stared at the wolf with curious eyes. Unsure what to do in this situation, she growled at the wolf with her fur fluffed in an attempt to test the wolf to see what he might do. The intruder just stood there, tense, looking past Amour, at her mother who had approached the scene. Not only was Vixen there, but the pups father and Star as well. Yukan chased the trespasser out while Vixen took the pups back to the den. Tired of her disobedience, Vixen put her daughter in her place. The young pup willingly submitted to her mother, not wanting to anger her any further. But she is bound to go back to her dangerous adventurous ways. Amour and her siblings spent some time at the den with her mother, but the time to meet the rest of the pack was nearing and her mother eventually lead them to a rendezvous spot. It was located at the edge of their territory near a small stream of water. The travel was tiring and Amour went to rest under a near by tree to rest where her mother then left to find the other pack members, introducing them to the new faces, the pups of the alphas.

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Amour and Vladik.